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15 Jan
Compassionate Keepers a Non- Governmental Organization has donated assorted medical equipment to the Samartex Hospital at Samreboi. Founder and leader, Mr. George Owusu Appiah hoped the equipment would enhance quality health provision at the Samartex Hospital. Dr.Tijani, a medical officer who received the equipment on behalf of the management, expressed the hospital's gratitude to COMPASSIONATE KEEPERS and pledged that the equipment would be used for the purpose for which it was donated.
18 Dec
Samartex received special recognition at the  5th edition of the National Communications Awards 2023 - GHANA DIGITALISATION EXPO EDITION organised at the UnderBridge Event Center, East Legon on 24th November 2023. The IT Manager, Kelly Smith accompanied by Agyeiwa Asmah and Sampson Anenkpaayo received the award.  Emphasising Samartex's commitment to Ghana’s Digital Economy Drive. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts with the use of Drones, LiDar technology, and mobile GPS devices to monitor, inventory, and protect our Forest reserves, we’re plagued with illegal mining and other destructive activities in the country’s forest reserve. Implementing the new LI 2462 will lead to the total erosion…
18 Dec
Samartex was recognized at the 2023 Ghana Excellence Awards at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel on 24th November 2023. The Human Resource Manager Thomas Assasie–Gyimah received the awards; highlighting the threat of illegal and legally claimed mining activities on our forest and river bodies which should be a major national concern.
06 Dec
President-Forest Industries Association (FIAG), Richard Nsenkyire, has sounded an alarm over the perilous state of the nation’s forest resources – attributing the looming crisis to escalating operations of unscrupulous mining activities. Mr. Nsenkyire expressed fear that the country’s forests, including wildlife, are at stake due to the relentless and uncontrolled destruction. His concerns come on the back of mining companies being allowed to mine in forest reserves, backed by Legislative Instrument (L.I. 2462) which permits mining in forest reserves.   What is also worsening the situation, he added, are the activities of illegal miners and farmers – besides the destruction…
02 Nov
Samartex Inaugurates Women Empowerment Group for Samreboi Community on October 28, 2023 As part of the Company's Corporate Social Responsibility, it dawned on top management to empower women of the Community to believe in themselves by identifying their abilities to develop them to enable them to become independent in their homes, workplace, community and beyond. The programme which was themed “Empowering Women for a Better Tomorrow”, took place at the Forest Club, Samreboi. It commenced at 6 a.m. with a float across communities to create awareness for the inauguration. After that, the main programme started at 11 a.m. The programme, chaired by Mrs…
01 Nov
BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTHThe month of October has been designated for breast cancer awareness. As part of Samartex Hospital's social responsibilities, there is an ongoing free breast cancer screening for its workers, the township, and the communities around. There is also education in schools and radio, information centers, and churches on Breast Cancer, Identifying parts of the breast, Types of Breast Cancers, Risk Factors, Signs and Symptoms, and Prevention. An Ultrasound examination is there for confirmation of findings. So far, 192 people have been screened,180 people with normal findings, and 12 have abnormalities. Those with no defects were educated on…
08 Sep
The Club Licensing Department of the Ghana Football Association has released its decisions on match venues of Premier League clubs for the upcoming season. These decisions were taken after a second inspection by the Club Licensing Department on 31 August 2023. The Club Licensing Department shall continue to conduct spot checks and monitor the facilities' state during the season. Kindly find below the summary of the decisions:
08 Sep
CLUB LICENSING COMMITTEE MAKE DECISIONS ON LICENSE APPLICATION ON GPL CLUBS The Club Licensing Committee of the Ghana Football Association acting in its powers as the First Instant Body(FIB) of the GFA Club Licensing Framework, has made decisions on the license applications of all 18 premier league clubs. The Committee made the decisions after reviewing the applications of the clubs via the CAF Club Licensing Online Platform(CLOP). The clubs were accessed in five major areas; sporting, legal, finance, administrative, and personnel and infrastructure. Ghana is one of few member associations in Africa implementing the usage of the application process via…
14 Aug
Samreboi Flooding 2023 Throughout the initial weeks of June through to late July, various communities in Samreboi experienced a remarkable rise in rainfall levels, which had severe implications for the individuals residing in those areas. Nsuokyir, Aboifie, and Cocoase were the communities that were affected the most by the extreme downpour, which lasted intermittently for several weeks causing flooding. The unexpected flood was also a result of the overflow of the Tano River as a result of the heavy rains and adjacent streams into these communities and the absence of proper care for the environment due to illegal mining activities.…
14 Aug
SAMARTEX AUTOCAD TRAINING Samartex held a 30-day training in AutoCAD for its workers commencing 23rd May and ending 30th June 2023. This training was facilitated by We’re Tech Company Ltd., with training instructor, Mr. Daniel Donkor. This AutoCAD training was for designing and drafting purposes. During the first week, the training focused on introducing the participants to thefundamentals of AutoCAD. The second week delved deeper into AutoCAD functionalities. In the third week, the activity shifted towards 3D modeling using AutoCAD. During the final week, the training focused on advanced topics, such as parametric constraints, block creation, and annotation. Upon completing…
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