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17 Mar 2022


Phase 2 – Sensitization for all Samreboi Schools

The “Keep Samreboi Clean Campaign” was initiated by Samartex Timber & Plywood Company Limited, with the vision of having a clean, liter-less, and hygienic community, which will be a sustainable culture to the entire community.

The 1st phase was more of planning, forming of sanitation committee, and acquisition of equipment, some of which include a septic tank emptier and a garbage truck.

The 2nd phase was for all schools in Samreboi, held on 18/02/2022 at the SDA church auditorium, Samreboi.

It was dubbed the liter- less campaign and all schools within Samreboi were represented

Mr. Kofi Asamoah (Sanitation Committee Member) coordinated the sensitization program with a PowerPoint presentation, emphasizing the best waste disposal practice, waste segregation, and taking responsibility.

The students were tasked to be ambassadors of the “Keep Samreboi Clean Campaign” even beyond the school compound, all the way to their homes and communities

Management of Samartex believes that to make cleanliness a culture in Samreboi, it must start from pupils, the future generation who will eventually sustain the vision. 

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