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Samreboi Flooding 2023

14 Aug 2023

Samreboi Flooding 2023

Throughout the initial weeks of June through to late July, various communities in Samreboi experienced a remarkable rise in rainfall levels, which had severe implications for the individuals residing in those areas. Nsuokyir, Aboifie, and Cocoase were the communities that were affected the most by the extreme downpour, which lasted intermittently for several weeks causing flooding.

The unexpected flood was also a result of the overflow of the Tano River as a result of the heavy rains and adjacent streams into these communities and the absence of proper care for the environment due to illegal mining activities. The illegal activities left pits exposed, making the flooding situation much worse for those affected.

Individuals living in the impacted areas had their roads and homes flooded. Fortunately, Samartex responded quickly to this crisis, successfully evacuating its employees and affected community members from their homes into classrooms. Additionally, they provided essential aid and relief items to the affected people such as mattresses, foodstuff, and mosquito nets.

Fumigation and disinfection were carried out by the company after the flooding period for all the affected homes, both private and company housing.

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