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Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Section

Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Component



22 Sep 2019



The 2 day training was to refresh Samartex cooks and caretakers on the topic: Food, environmental and personal, hygiene techniques and kitchen/table manners. This was held at the Samartex management club house by Mr. Lord Pius Yalley (Senior Dietician) from Tarkwa Municipal Hospital.

Day One activity:

Cooks were taken through a pre-test exam to test their knowledge on Food, Environment and Personal Hygiene and Table Manners. This was followed by a presentation on the topic.

Some of the topics discussed after the pre-test exam were;

  • Food safety
  • Required food handling temperature
  • Stages in food handling: from purchasing, storage, preparation, to serving
  • Personal hygiene (hygienic practice and unhygienic practice)
  • Hand washing techniques
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Pest control and waste disposal

Day Two: Cooking Competition


The programme was climaxed with a cooking competition. Cooks were grouped into four and made to compete against each other. The competition took off at 9:20 am and ended at 1:40 pm. Marks were allocated based on Time Management, Observance of Environmental and Personal Hygiene Rules, Table Manners, Food Preparation and Taste and application of Kitchen Safety Rules.


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