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Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Section

Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Component



30 Apr 2020


Management of Samartex Timber and Plywood Company Limited initiated drastic preventive measures from the beginning of March, 2020, even before COVID-19 became a national concern.

This is due to our significant expatriate community whose nationalities cut across four different continents.

Another major factor is our diverse customers, majority of whom come from Europe and Asia to inspect their products.

In addition, the entire Samreboi community and its environs are largely dependent on the company for any form of social and medical interventions.


This compelled the company as a matter of urgency to cancel all trips outside Ghana for all expatriates and Ghanaian employees even for those who were due for annual leave. Those already on leave were also prevented from resuming and coming back to Ghana.

These have led to many initiatives and changesin formal administrative procedures with our business, employees, communities, government institutions, traditional institutions and other agencies doing business with Samartex.


  1. Massive sensitization and education in factory with amplifiers and in workers buses

  2. Educational posters, fliers and banners around the factory; internal and external

  3. Provision of 60 water hand wash stand points with soaps and sanitizers all over the factory; internal and external

  4. Supply and compulsory use of nose masks for every employee and guest

  5. Travels restriction for managers and employees from Samreboi (even on leave and days off) apart from essential trips

  6. Emergency response in case of suspected cases: Samartex Hospital protocol applicable

  7. Cash payment limited: now practising mobile money transactions to pay allowances

  8. Social distancing observation compulsory: Workers buses capacity reduced to half per trip, all queues in factory and offices observing 1.5 to 2 meter social distancing

  9. Employees groupings strictly prohibited

  10. Wash hand stand points were eventually improved to a mechanized foot pressed type.


  1. As much as possible, guests will only be welcome to Samartex, only when urgently necessary

  2. Procedures for guests: all to go through Samartex Hospital protocol

  3. Guesthouses and clubhouses temporarily closed to external members or guests



Educational poster and banner on COVID-19

A mechanized foot-press tank hand wash tanks at the factory entrance workers bus capacity reduction


  1. Massive sensitization and education through information centers and radio stations, banners and fliers.

  2. Using Assemblymen, Opinion Leaders for educational purposes and enforcement

  3. Donation of 50 veronica buckets, stands and sinks with soaps and sanitizers to various communities and institutions within Samreboi (Aboifie, Nsuakyir, Bekwai, Tigarikrom, Nyamebekyere, Amoaku, Information Centers, Police stations, Chief Palaces, Banks, Credit Union, etc)

  4. Two barriers mounted at Amoaku and Mmpeasem community (entry into Samreboi). Personnel at the barriers equipped with personal protective equipment’s (PPE’s) and thermometer guns to carry out basic checks on all persons entering Samreboi and report and refer any suspected cases to Samartex Hospital. Information of everyone entering Samreboi is recorded for traceability sake

  5. Cash/PPE’s/ Equipment (thermometer guns, sanitizers and soaps) donations to Traditional Councils, Municipal Assemblies, Health Directorate, NHIS, Security Agencies, (Police Services, Ghana Immigration Services, Fire Services) and Media Houses within the Aowin and WassaAmenfi Municipalities



Donations to Assemblies and Security Agencies and media houses


The Managing Director of Samartex creating awareness of COVID-19


Samartex donates veronica buckets, bowls and soaps to the assemblymen of Aboifie and Bekwai electoral areas



Amoaku and Mmpeasem barriers; internal security formed to inspect barriers at Samreboi




  1. Emergency response team list with phone numbers distributed throughout the communities to receive report of any suspected cases or any new individuals entering the community

  2. One gate closed temporary, other gate to be used as both entry and exit gate to the hospital

  3. Shed created at the entrance with hospital personnel to carryout basic checks, administer questionnaires to group patients and visitors into categories (low risk and high risk)

  4. Another shed has been created for outdoor consultation and OPD for high risk patients

  5. High risk patients would be tested with rapid test kit (over 1,000 pieces available at Samartex Hospital). Then after, samples taken are sent to government approved centers in Kumasi or Accra via Samartex Ambulance, for confirmation.

  6. Newly constructed 20 bed isolation center to support capacity of the already existing one

  7. Adequate PPE’s procured and supplied to the Medical staff especially for front liners (WHO standards)

  8. Training of Emergency Response Team on how to transport confirmed cases

  9. Creating cough clinic, using screening and teaching clients how to practice cover your cough techniques

  10. Provision of wash hand water stand points, soaps and sanitizers within the hospital premises and the awards as well as the consulting rooms

  11. All tax exemptions and allowances announced by the President of the Republic of Ghana (His Excellency Nana AddoDankwaAkufo-Addo) for Health workers and front liners have been replicated by Samartex for Company employed medical staff, especially its front liners.

  12. Regular test for hospital staff especially front liners after treating and taking samples of suspected cases.




W ash hand stand points with soap and dispensers at vantage points shed for carrying out basic checks

Newly constructed 15 bed isolation center





Front liner dressed in adequate PPEs

All these measures and initiatives which include: procuring PPE’s, test kits, ventilator, wash hand tanks and veronica buckets, sanitizers and soaps, dispensers, gun thermometers, creating of community barriers, catering for personnel to man barriers, hospital staff allowances, printing of banners and fliers, education and sensitization outreaches, construction of isolation center, infrastructural additions at the hospital, Cash/PPE’s/Equipment donations to various communities, Municipal Assemblies, Health Directorate, NHIS, Traditional councils, Security Agencies like Ghana Police Services, Fire Services, Ghana Immigration Services and Media houses within Aowin and WassaAmenfi Municipalities have been put in place by Samartex, as efforts to help curtail the spread of COVID-19 in Samreboi.

Samartex Timber and Plywood Company Limited remains committed to support and collaborate with other bodies to continuously keep on guard in the global fight against COVID-19.

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