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Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Section

Samartex | The Leading Wood Processing Company In Ghana - Main Component


03 Apr
It is the policy of Samartex to provide opportunities for a number of promising students from the communities within its operational area and generally in Ghana who are in Technical and Tertiary institutions to spend a period of time, (maximum of Six months) with the relevant department(s) to acquire some practical experience. Samartex considers industrial attachment with the company as an opportunity for students to demonstrate their potential for future employment with the company or other companies when they graduate. Students on attachment are monitored  and assessed with the aim of unearthing their potential.  Both Ghanaian and foreign students, may…
03 Apr
The programme is a 3-year NVTI certified programme which was officially introduced in Samartex in the year 2004. THE PURPOSE FOR ITS INTRODUCTION: Before Samartex took over from At&P, the company was put under divestiture for 10 years, causing majority of skilled labour to leave the company. After several challenges in acquiring skilled personnel, the programme was initiated to train the youth in the familiar settings of Samartex at a point when unskilled labour greatly outnumbered the skilled. The programme admits graduates of JHS and SHS between the ages of 17 to 22 into various fields such as engineering, transport,…
03 Apr
Samartex is committed to developing the skills and management expertise of young university and polytechnic graduates and to provide them with opportunities for advancement and promotion within the Company’s management structure. PurposeThe Management Training Programme at Samartex is business-driven and programmes are formulated to satisfy the business needs of Samartex. The process ensures that the right person with the necessary competence, both technical and personal, is prepared for the right job at the right time. EligibilityFresh University and Polytechnic graduates who exhibit signs of leadership at interviews are designated Management Trainees when selected. Scope and duration of TrainingAll Management Training…

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